Anti-Profiteering: SOP

The anti-profiteering clause of the GST Act allows consumers to file complaints against companies if there is reason to believe that a company is n

E-Way Bill Implementation

In the 24th GST Council meeting that was held over video conferencing, the esteemed Council members decided to prepone the E-Way Bill roll out. The

Impact on Entertainment Industry

The makes of the controversial movie 'Mersal' have not  very sbutly criticised the new indirect tax enough to invite the wrath of certain BJP

GST on Lotteries and Game Shows.

Supply of lottery has been treated as supply of goods under the Central Goods and Services Tax. The tax will be charged on the face value of the lo

GSTR-2 - Part 2

Every registered taxable person is required to give details of Inward Supply, i.e., purchases for a tax period in GSTR-2. These are the details to

GSTR-2 - Part 1

GSTR-2 is the return containing details of Inward Supplies. Gain an understanding of why GSTR-2 is important, who needs to file GSTR-2, the differe

GST Impact on Logistics

In the pre-GST era, a Central Sales Tax (CST) was levied on the inter-state movement of goods. To avoid this levy, manufacturers and traders set u

Importance of Invoice Management

Time and again, we have emphasized and underlined that using the right kind of technology for tax related processes is going to become extremely im

GST Impact on the Banking Sector

Today, you don’t have to be a millionaire to own that splendid, 4BHK duplex. Loans help you realize your dreams. Banks and financial institu

Gadgets in GST era

India has commendably optimized its administrative costs. So much so that compared to the US, it spends approximately 3 times less capital on the

Fifty days of GST

It has been fifty days since India’s most awaited and ambitious tax reform was rolled out. The tax in its current form is far from perfect a

Disabled GST

“The GST on aids and appliances for persons with disabilities is a reminder of Nangeli’s act of severing her breasts in protest agains

Automotive & GST-Part 2

The Goods and Services Tax is one of highlights of the first half of 2017 (after a particular actress let slip the details of nepotism practiced i

Automotive & GST-Part 1

History classes have acquainted us with the fact that when the British did something it was not out of kindness. W

Return Filing

Income Tax was introduced for the first time in India in 1860 by Sir James Wilson to meet the losses that were incurred by the British government

The Fat Tax

The Indian Government is beginning to take on the role of the quintessential Indian mother. Since GST is anyway bringing multiple reforms, top bur

Lahu ka Lagaan

This banishment is a part of long-banned ancient Hindu practice where menstruating women are viewed as impure. The scenario in India isn’t a

Anti-Profiteering Rules under GST

The GST Council and everyone else involved with the moulding of the law have been working 18-hour days for the past several months, holding meeting

The Theory of Supply

Six days and five nights in a five-star hotel, promises of three-steaming hot and scrumptious meals and a personal tour guide seemed inviting to s


For the last two months or so, everyone in the country has been talking about GST, including the ones who refused to acknowledge its commencement

Making the best of GST

Discount and sale are two words that can brighten anyone’s day. Sales have become a common occurrence owing to new players entering the mark

Composition Scheme

The Council members and the makers of this new law have ensured that GST is corruption-proof. Complete digitalisation of the documentation means r

E-Commerce's Tryst with GST - Part 2

The impact of Goods and Service Tax, which has been termed as the biggest tax reform in a long time, is going to be widespread on the E-Commerce i

Thirteen Reasons Why - Part 3

There are speculations that the roll out date for GST will be pushed to September 16. One should, however, not leave it on time and take steps to

Thirteen Reasons Why - Part 2

Prepping your business for GST should be your priority right now. Here’s another four points as to why!


Thirteen Reasons Why - Part 1

One of the side effects of working with a company whose operations revolve around the forthcoming Goods and Services Tax is that the subject never

In the name of Services

GST is not only the largest tax reform since independence but it is also one of the few laws that have taken so long to come into existence. It&rs

Making India Digital

Today, technology is advancing citizen empowerment and democracy that once drew their strength from Constitutions. Technology is forcing governmen

The Sin of GST

Babuji aka Alok Nath is probably going crazy with bhajan kirtan right now-apparently the GST Council has soaked in his sanskars. The Government is

GST Impact on Mobile Phone

People looking to trade their old phones for shiny new ones through exchange schemes might be seen holding on to their handsets for a bit longer.

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